Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Death of Apple? Nope

These are the following quotes that people have posted in the last few months:

“Apple is done”…….“Apple’s products are stale”……“Apple’s profit margin is awful”....."Bye Bye Apple"

Well then, I guess Apple is going bankrupt.

Apple just announced their earnings for the first quarter. They only sold 37.4 million iPhones. They had a measley 19.5 million iPads sold. And oh yea, their revenue was $43.6 billion. Wait, what? But I thought Apple was done? Wasn’t this a company that has had their stock price drop from $700 to $390? The stock market IS the pulse of how a company is doing.

Just avoid everything you hear. Apple is the best company on the planet. And if anyone has money just sitting in their bank account, it’ll be the best long-term investment you’ll ever make.

Apple’s stock price is going to be much higher next year at this time. It'll be even higher every year after. The problem with the stock market (in the short term) is that it is controlled by robots that manipulate share prices so it can get in at the price they want it at. But when you cut out all of the noise, you’ll realize this is the same Apple we’ve grown to love over the last decade. The potential product road map is going to turn their $10/share a quarter earnings into $15/share. They are going to inevitably release new and crazier versions of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac books. After that, you’ll see some form of a TV or a watch or some other crazy gadget no one is talking about.

The iTV is going to be the biggie. In the fantasy technology world that lives inside my head, Apple would buy Netflix and would create this ultimate streaming service that would eventually change the way we watch TV. Picture never having to flip through channels again. You can just stream anything you want at anytime. Your voice would be the remote control. All of Apple’s gadgets would be synced together, so you’d have to be part of their ecosphere. All of the technology is there for this and I think it is going to happen (Okay, Apple isn’t buying Netflix. But the iTv? It’s coming). The question is “When?”.

And that’s the problem. “When?”

The Apple hatred has built up over the last couple of months. People think that since the Jobs passed away, the innovation is dead. All I keep hearing is how Apple will just put out the same forms of their existing products until little by little, their market share goes away. And then eventually, every other company is just going to pass them and Apple will be a forgotten company.

I'm not some crazy Apple blogger that dissects their every move. I have no insight into anything outside of what I read. But there was about 3% of me that bought into all the hate Then I remembered, I’ve heard this song and dance before. When the iPod came out, people thought it was a cool little niche product, but there’d be a million better copycats that would eventually just take away Apple’s market share. Didn’t happen, did it? We heard the same ripping months after their Mac books, iPhones, iPads. It was the same trashing over and over.

So my question: Is Apple is done?

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